Friday, October 24, 2014

Three Busy Weeks - nearly done

So far this week has been OK.  Tuesday was exceptionally busy, but Monday and Wednesday almost approached normal busy-ness and today has been remarkably quiet.  The student I was expecting this morning didn't show up, my meeting this afternoon was postponed and there was even time for a little stroll outside at lunchtime.  Only tomorrow morning to worry about - I have no teaching or other engagements planned tomorrow afternoon - and then that will be that.  For now!

I am enjoying my Japanese classes at the moment, although I am very glad I am not teaching them! I decided to repeat Level 3 this year; I'm not sure that I really understood a lot of it last year.  Anyway, the class this year is a composite class of Levels 2 and 3, so you have a really mixed ability range. There are people who have come up from Level 1, intending to do Level 2.  there are people who have done Level 2 and were intending to repeat it. There are others who had done Level 2 once or even twice and were intending to go on to level 3. And then there are three of us who have done Level 3 once and were intending to repeat it.  As I say - I'm very glad I am not having to design classes that make all of those groups happy!!!  However, as one of my classmates who is also repeating Level 3 said, it's quite nice going back to the nursery slopes and reminding ourselves of some of the basics.  And in fact, I had been thinking not so long ago that I wouldn't mind revisiting Levels 1 and 2 just to consolidate some of the earlier things that I think I had forgotten about. So a win for me, then!  Plus, of course, I actually understand what's happening in the classes and can even answer some of the questions :-D

Richard came for dinner last evening, bearing a huge bag of eating apples - and refusing to take away with him any of our remaining Bramleys because he has more than enough apples to be going on with.  I might have insisted except that the remaining Bramleys are not the best that we had.  They are a bit mottled and bruised. They taste good, though. We've been having stewed apples with various flavoured yoghurts with our lunches.  Bramley apple with lemon curd yoghurt is a dessert positively made in heaven.  Anyway, we had a lovely dinner (if I do say so myself) - home made salmon fish fingers, since you ask, with home made chips and mixed vegetables in a Japanese curry sauce. The Builder and i might have had a tiny bit of wine on the side.  Richard didn't because (a) he was driving back to Sheffield after and (b) he's on pain killers for a bad back and didn't want to go to sleep while driving back to Sheffield. A pleasant mid-week interval.

And now there is just tomorrow to go and my Three Busy Weeks will be done.  Until more busy weeks find their way towards me :-)

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