Monday, March 03, 2014

It was a lovely, lovely day on Saturday. And I was at work in the afternoon :-(  Mind you, I was at the Collegiate Learning Centre so at least I got to look at the blue sky and the sunshine!

It's a beautiful beautiful day today.  Blue sky, bright sunshine (perishing cold though - the car was properly frozen this morning!)  And I'm at work.

Yesterday I was not at work. And it rained pretty much all day.  No gardening for me, then.  So we ate roasted things from the mini oven. It's slower than the fan oven used to be, in the days when the fan oven actually worked, but it made us a mighty fine Sunday Roast. And we drank plentiful amounts of wine. And we watched telly. And we pootled around. And we pre-empted Pancake Day and had pancakes for supper. It was a very relaxed Sunday afternoon.

We've been trying to lay our hands on a couple of female ducks to save Dimsim and Curry from the unwanted attentions of the drakes.  We keep them separated at the moment, but I let everyone out yesterday morning.  Dimsim positively galloped over to the drakes.  They galloped over to her. They were delighted to be reunited.  Then the drakes decided to demonstrate their delight in a, um, grown up way.  Dimsim was not delighted by that!  They've been separated again. So, as I say, we've been trying to get some female ducks who might be slightly more delighted than the chooks. It's proving to be surprisingly difficult.  I wish Lindsey's ute people would come here because there seem to be virtually no ducks available locally, and certainly not Indian Runner ducks.  We may have to travel further afield (although Ballarat is a bit more further afield than I really had in mind!!)
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