Saturday, March 08, 2014

An "Exciting" Start to the Morning

I was in the middle of getting dressed yesterday morning at about 6:15 when my phone rang.  Odd.  Who would be ringing me at that time of the morning?

I picked the phone up and looked at it.  It was a +61 number that my phone didn't recognise.

Even odder.  What Australian would be ringing me up at that time of the morning, using a number that my phone didn't know?

I answered it.  It is true that it was an Australian - but it was an Australian who usually lives in London and who at present is living in California.

A big puzzle.  Why would Freyja be calling from an Australian phone? Why wasn't she using her own phone?

No matter.  Why is Freyja ringing me at that time of the morning, no matter which phone she was using?

Aha! She didn't have her phone with her and was calling from a public phone looking for (her) Simon's phone number.  I don't have (her) Simon's number. And anyway - why was she wanting to ring him? Shouldn't he be there, in San Francisco, with her, bearing tea and gravy mix?  Yes he should.  At the airport. But Freyja couldn't find him.

I can't help, sorry.  But Tabitha has (Freyja's) Simon's number and I have Tabitha's.  I gave it to Freyja.

Tabitha, in the meantime, peacefully snoozing for it was not yet her getting up time, was somewhat surprised to get a text message from Simon (I am going to assume from here on that you are all aware that I am not talking about my brother in this post) saying that he couldn't raise Freyja and would Tabitha mind Skyping her to tell her where he was.  At about that point, Tabitha's phone rang and it was Freyja asking for Simon's number. A few text messages and phone calls later Freyja was united with her tea supplies, her gravy mix - oh, and Simon.  And Cally and Gaz were wide awake and wondering what on earth was going on :-D

It turns out that the number that was on my phone wasn't prefixed with a +61 (signifying Australia) but with a +619, indicating that the call was coming from a phone making an international call in California. Apparently the public phone Freyja was calling from didn't feel the need to prefix it with a +1, which would have told me that it was an American phone!

Anyway.  All's well that ends well. Simon is in San Rafael, with Freyja, on holiday.  And I now do have his number, Just In Case :-D

The Builder had an "exciting" day yesterday, too.  It was his Day at the Dentist, when he had to have six of his lower "biting" teeth taken out.  They went all loose and wobbly around Christmas. There wasn't much that could be done at the time, because we were about to head off for four weeks overseas.  It was all organised for when he got back. And now his biting teeth have all gone and he has some shiny new teeth in their place.  He also has some shiny new back teeth, to replace a few which have disintegrated and been removed over the years.  The only problem is that he can't chew!!  I was going to put him on a nice, wholesome diet of gruel for a few weeks but Stella and Lindsey wouldn't let me.  I have had to make soups instead!

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