Monday, March 31, 2014

It is just as well that on Friday afternoon they sent out an urgent request for cover at Collegiate Learning Centre for Sunday afternoon!

As far as I was concerned, I was already doing the afternoon cover at Collegiate.  It was in my diary, in my online calendar, on the calendar at home and in my head.  I had worked out which train I was going to catch. I was intending to walk up Ecclesall Road. It was all planned. I had even decided which train I would catch on the way home

Then they sent out the request for cover.  I rang them up.  I thought I was doing that shift?  No, they said. You're at Adsetts.  Adsetts?  Yes, Adsetts.

I looked back at the original email.  It very, very clearly said Adsetts.  Can't think where I got Collegiate from! And just as well they sent that request out, otherwise I'd have come in on an early train, walked up Ecclesall Road and then just have had to walk straight back again!!  As it was I had an extra hour pottering around at home and then walked across the road from the station and into the Adsetts Centre, where we had a pleasantly quiet afternoon with just enough enquiries to make it interesting and not so many that it was fraught and frantic.  Must read any future weekend working emails more carefully!

The advantage of working in the Adsetts Centre on Sunday afternoon was that when Tabitha sent me a message saying that she, Gaz and Cally were in town and did I fancy meeting them for a quick drink in the Sheffield Tap by the station, I could do.  If I had had to come from Collegiate I would have only had time to hop on my train.  I've not been in the Tap before, although it (re-)opened quite some time ago.  It's rather nice.  A bit on the expensive side, but a lovely building.  Must go in there again one day.  It was nice to see Taffa, Gaz and Cally as well. A pleasant end to the weekend

It was a pleasant weekend all told.  The weather was lovely on Saturday so we got out into the garden for a bit.  We even had our lunch sandwiches sat outside on the patio!  We met Bea, Steve and Richard at The Nettle for dinner and had a merry evening of fine food, good conversation and just a tiny bit of alcohol.  We had to go later than we would ordinarily choose because they had a large birthday party in the restaurant. We were perfectly happy to eat in the bar area and even happy to eat late.  It was just unfortunate that the clocks went forward by an hour early on Sunday morning and we all missed out on an hour's sleep!

Steve and Debby Next Door have moved out ;-(  They haven't sold their house yet but they have bought their new place and done some cosmetic work to it.  They moved their furniture out on Friday and have been back to do some work on the old place - but they have gorrrrrrrn for ever as our lovely neighbours ;-(

More sad news. Roger and Kate had hoped to join us at The Nettle on Saturday evening.  Alas, in the event they were unable to come.  Kate's mother has been very poorly sick in the hospital for a couple of weeks now.  Then she developed pneumonia and, sadly, died late on Saturday afternoon - although I think it might have been a blessing for her; the last few weeks have not been fun from her point of view.  RIP Margaret.

It was hard to get up and come to work today.  It was dark when the radio came on.  Dark and foggy and damp.  And my body was convinced that it was only 4:30 :-S  Still, it will be lovely and light when I get home again this evening.  It will probably still be foggy and damp, but at least it will be light.
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