Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Report

We had a very quiet weekend in prospect.  We had no real plans for the weekend. The weather wasn't forecast to be particularly good. It didn't look as though we were going to be able to get out into the garden much. So we decided to make garden plans, to potter about and not to do anything very strenuous.

We did go out to Chatsworth for a few supplies.  We came home via the Garden Centre. And then we went out to the pet place in Clay Cross and collected our baby Indian Runner Ducks (Hoi Sin and Teriyaki) and our two baby legbar chicks (Gyoza and Dim Sim).  They are in their little run with their little house and seem to be settling in quite happily. Udon, Ramen and Curry are a bit curious about them but don't seem to be paying them undue attention.  I am hoping that they might all have got used to each other when the chicks are big enough to be let out of their run.  You couldn't let them out now - you'd never find them again!!

Welcome to Hoi Sin, Teriyaki, Gyoza and Dim Sim
I was peacefully making banana cakes on Sunday morning with a huge bowl of very over ripe bananas that I had been given and pondering the idea of lunch.  I decided to make some stuffing to go with the pork loin I had bought for the Sunday Feast.  I picked up a packet of dried apricots and a bramley apple and was about to start chopping them to add to my stuffing when I thought: "Hmmmm.  Tabitha doesn't like fruit with her meat".  Then I thought: "But that doesn't matter, because she's not here and we do like fruit with out meat".  So I added chopped apricots and grated bramley apple to the stuffing.

About ten minutes later my phone rang.  It was Tabitha.  They were heading home from a wedding somewhere in the Peak District and would be passing by the end of our road.  Would it be convenient if they were to call in.  At about lunchtime!!

Too late for me to make a stuffing without fruit - I had already put the pork and stuffing in to cook.  But I peeled a few extra potatoes and sorted out some extra veg and made a rhubarb and apple crumble, and all was well.  A spontaneous Sunday Lunch :-)

Cally playing with the house that Imogen had passed on to her

Everyone is tucking in - you can see The Builder's hand if you look hard

Cally enjoying her lunch (she enjoyed her banana cupcake even more!)
It's Austin's birthday today.  Happy birthday!
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