Monday, June 24, 2013

RIP Katsu. Welcome to Hoi Sin, Teriyaki, Gyoza and Dim Sim

Alas. Poor Katsu gradually faded away and got thinner and lighter over two or three days until eventually she just faded completely away.  We had been anticipating this and had taken the opportunity when we were ordering our two Indian Runner Ducks to order two Legbar chicks as well.  They're all about 11 weeks old and settling apparently happily into their new home.  We won't let them out for a while yet.  The other three chickens are quite curious about them and probably won't worry about the ducks - but they might not be entirely delighted to find Gyoza and Dim Sim wandering around "their" orchard!

The British asparagus season has now officially come to an end - you are supposed to stop cutting on the longest day. We've not done too badly this year. And next year might be even better. We will be able to cut from all of the plants in the bed along the fence, and even take some light cuttings from the other asparagus bed. And as the asparagus season fades into memory  the gooseberry season is almost upon us. It won't be many weeks before the gooseberries are ripe and there seem to be quite a lot of them on the way.

I have taken the Summer Solstice photos, after missing the Winter Solstice last year

Click on the garden to reach the album

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