Monday, December 17, 2012


On Saturday we had breakfast in Mount Martha (delicious bacon, eggs and beans on toast, cooked by Tony), lunch in Clifton Hill (not very nice calamari at a place in Clifton Hill - the fact that they had empty tables when the other cafes around them did not should have alerted us before we sat down!) and dinner in Mount Helen (delicious crumbed pork cutlets, cooked by Ian).

Along the way we collected Ian at the flat, then went back to the flat and collected Lindsey later.  We went up to Mount Helen where we collected Pat who came for dinner.  It was a very pleasant day, topped and tailed by good food and convivial company.

On Sunday Lindsey and I went shopping, while Ian and The Builder stayed at home and did useful things like making a start on repairing the (new) greenhouse that blew over the fence last winter even before its construction was finally finished.  Lindsey and I went to all sorts of shopping places, but our main aim was the ute that turns up on a monthly basis in a car park in Ballarat and sells, inter alia, chooks and roosters.  We went last time we were here too, but this time we bought two laying hens, two 8 week old Plymouth Rock pullets and one truly beautiful bantam rooster.  We also went to the garden centre.  Twice!  I was driving Lindsey's space age brand new car home when Lindsey suddenly expostulated.  In our excitement at filling the car up with bags of sugar cane mulch (not squashing the new chooks, you understand), we had driven off and left all the other purchases sitting out in the car park :-S  Fortunately they were there waiting for us when we got back.

Then more shopping after lunch.  A visit to Wilson's for fruit and veg provisions, back to the garden centre for the third time, on to the supermarket.  That's enough shopping!!!  I am all shopped out :-S Although I did get the provisions for Monday evening when I seem to have accidentally invited quite a lot of people to  Lindsey and Ian's flat in East Melbourne to dinner.  I hope they will all fit.  Actually, I'm not worried about them fitting - you can squish quite a lot of people into the flat if you try.  But I do hope there's enough cutlery for them all!  Anyway - one less thing to worry about on Monday.

Right then.  It might be early-ish on Monday morning but we are off back to Melbourne with Lindsey this morning.  She is working, we are taking her car into East Melbourne and then she and Ian are off to Perth later this afternoon.  I suppose I had better get up and dressed and ready to go.

I do wish I could convince the Blog software to put me onto Melbourne time.  It doesn't seem to matter what I do, it is determined to keep me on Greenwich Meantime ;-(  (And it seems very strange to me that the blog spellcheck doesn't like the word "blog" and wants to change it to "bog"!!!!)

The Builder and me out for an early morning walk in Melbourne. Click on us to get to the photo album

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