Thursday, December 20, 2012


This week we have mostly been eating.  And drinking.

On Monday we met Chris at Papa Gino's on Lygon Street for lunch (seafood pizza for me).  On Tuesday we met Robert and Rod at Donnini's on Lygon Street for lunch (seafood pizza for me). On Wednesday we met Peter and Daniel, Geoff and his visitor Beatrice, Zoy and Sammi and Judy at Toto's on Lygon Street for lunch (Sudden realisation that I've hardly had any veg this week - so mushroom pizza for me).  For each lunch engagement we walked into Carlton from East Melbourne, and then we walked back, so the pizzas are not yet having an effect on our waistlines.

On Monday evening Simon and Jacob, Yvette and her friend Paige, Bethan and Christian, Zoy and Sammi all came to dinner and we had crumbed lamb chops, mashed potato and a big platter of mixed roast veg.  Alas - the whisk in the flat has now died. Fortunately not too much of it collapsed into the mash :-S  And then on Tuesday Simon and Jacob, Christian and Wendy and we all met in The Fox for dinner (seafood platter for me).  And last night Lindsey and Ian came back from a quick trip to Perth and we had fish and chips for dinner.

But that, now, is the end of the organised Lygon Street lunches.  Probably just as well. You can have too much pizza, I'm told!!!

Let us now turn our attention to Christmas which is, I believe, almost upon us.  I think I have almost finished my present shopping.  It's been quite easy this year. I just handed a wodge of money to Lindsey and let her get on with it :-D

I have had to do a little bit of shopping though. Tabitha and Freyja gave me some money to buy something for the Christmas table.  So on our jaunt to Lygon Street yesterday, we bought this

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