Monday, December 10, 2012


We had a lovely drive back from Margaret River to Perth.

It was necessary to call back to the chocolate factory. I realise that we had bought an enormous mountain of chocolate - but it is just possible that we might have accidentally eaten the chocolate bullets :-S  Fortunately we are now stocked up again.

Lindsey drove back along the Old Coast Road, rather than the main highway and we stopped for lunch in Mandurah  where we had remarkably fine fish and chips at the Irish Pub overlooking the water.

Then we arrived back in Perth.  During our travels we had acquired one of those ball launchers for Scout who loves, loves, loves chasing balls.  Lindsey took it into the back garden and launched the ball - directly over the back fence, whence it disappeared never to be seen again :-S  This necessitated a mad dash to the supermarket to lay in a proper supply of balls for the launcher.  Meanwhile, Scout found an empty plastic bottle to chase around :-D

We spent a jolly afternoon making merry with Ant and Jess before heading out to the local pub for tea - a nice piece of steak for me although the lunchtime fish and chips had been so hearty there wasn't real room for steak and more chips.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny and we all took ourselves off to East Perth to a cafe called Toast, where we met Jess's cousin Jack and his partner Lou for a truly lovely breakfast. A stroll around the cove later and it was time to farewell Ant, Jess, Krumm and Scout and take ourselves on to Melbourne. Thus leaving the GMT +8 timezone we had been in since arriving in Singapore and moving to GMT +11

There are more photos in the Western Australia album.  Click on the tree to view them

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