Thursday, April 17, 2008

A trip to the seaside

Breakfast was lovely yesterday. We went to the coffee shop downstairs, where Ian has lunch but where nobody has previously had breakfast. They do a fried egg to rival Norma's at Bridge Farm in Britford. A good find. Then we went back upstairs and Ian settled to his Finish It Day and Lindsey, The Builder and I got ready for a trip to Lorne.

It was a deceptively loely day. But the wind was rather on the cold sie. We took jumpers. Off we set. Ian rang. Had we heard th report of the accident on the Westgate freeway? We hadn't. We put the radio on. Oops. 774 was recommending avoiding the Westgate. Which was a bit of a worry for that was the way to where we wanted to go. We plotted an alternative route. So did Ian. It was the same rout. Which was also a bit of a pity, for it was a substantial detour. We did it anyway. Out on the road towards Ballarat, until we got to Hopkins Road just beyond Caroline Springs and down towards Werribee. Eventually we got to the Geelong Road. And ere brought to a virtual standstill on the freeway by roadworks. The traffic in Geelong was very heavy. At just before 1 we abandoned our Lorne quest and stopped in Anglesea. Mind you, Anglesea is very satisfactory. Except it was full of school parties on excursions. But the fish and chips were excellent and the weather was nice and the beach was excellent for walking on. There were some local children having their PE lesson in the water on surf boards. So that was good. But it really shouldn't have taken three hours to get there from East Melbourne!

We stopped and looked at Bell's Beach on the way back, but didn't go down onto it.

Took just over an hour and a half to get back!

Then The Builder and I took ourselves off on the tram to Lygon Street where we were meeting Chris and Kate and Bev, all of whom I had worked with at Glenroy. I keep in close touch with Chris, and ring Kate from time to time but had lost Bev. Kate did give me her address, but I wrote it down on a piece of paper and lost it. It's in my diary and in my Outlook address book now! Kate has been not terribly well over the last few years but I must say that she looks remarkably fit and sprightly now. Bev has left Moreland - and indeed the city. She and Bill have moved to Mount Dandenong and Bev is doing some casual work for the Eastern Regional Library. Chris's job title has changed again but she is still doing more or less the same thing. It was a good evening, at a place called Trotters. It's a funny menu though.

Chris is a shining example of a blog reader. She can nearly quote you chapter and verse of what we've been up to. I hope you are all reading just as closely!

I don't think Ian's Finish It Day went as well as he had hoped. He's still working on it now and it's quarter past eight in the morning.

It's our last day. We're off back to Japan tomorrow morning. It's gone VERY quickly

Bev passed through Terminal Five last week. She says it was completely and absolutely chaotic. They missed their flight to Istanbul (and never did get there) and her luggage got lost on her way to Belfast, which is where she was heading to. I wonder if it's sorted out even yet

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