Thursday, April 10, 2008

There has been lots of food!

Simon came around last evening for The Builder's birthday dinner. We had chicken, bacon and mushroom thingies with roast potatoes and vegetables. Was a good evening. We didn't sing happy birthday. We had done that at lunchtime, accompanied by the waiter - which provoked the next table to announce that they too were celebrating a birthday and would the waiter sing with them too!

We had a nice, peaceful start to the day. Lindsey didn't - she left at 7:45 for Ballarat. Ian connected the new Mac to the internet, using his alarmingly named "dongle". I'm having a good time working out how to use the Mac. So much so that we - well, I! - nearly forgot to leave to walk to Melbourne Uni. The expedition was made all the more problematic whe I came out of the apartment block and promptly turned the wrong way. I would have done that yesterday too, were it not for Lindsey taking us confidently in the right way. I think I must be confused by the position of the sun! However, we walked merrily up to Carlton and in a sunny zigzag, making our way to Robert's new office in Morrison Close. Where is Morrison Close, I asked. Where it always was, said Robert. Hmmmm. Further questioning elicited the information that Morrison Close (nee Hall, I think) is behind but not accessible from Ormond College. All right. I can get to the back of Ormond College. Not sure about Morrison Close, but no worries. I've put Robert's work number into my mobile! We were due there at half past twelve and got there, I think, pretty much at half past. But it's just as well I didn't need to ring for further instructions. Robert was stood in the lobby chatting to someone and, I assume, waiting for us. Morrison Close has a lovely new theological library and a rather nice looking cafe.

We went with Robert to University House, which is the staff private club. We've eaten there with him before. They do lovely food and rather nice wine. I had trevally. I like trevally and it's not available in Sheffield. We had a great time catching up. It was a very jolly lunch. We shared a bottle of wine and chatted and caught up with the doings of our children and various other people. He is clearly thoroughly enjoying the freedom that being nearly retired brings! He looks relaxed, happy and fit. Then he went back to his tutorials and The Builder and I made our way into town to meet Wendy outside Borders book shop in Melbourne Central - the owl building. We were a bit early so went into Borders to have a poke about. Wendy says that I walked right past her in the shop. I, of course, wasn't looking for her. I was looking up, searching for The Builder's height!

We went for an iced coffee (have I mentioned that it was warm and sunny here today?) and a chat. Then we went to try and find Treats from Home, which Wendy hasn't been into. We walked up and down Swanston Street because my mind is absolutely convinced that it's in a shopping complex on a CORNER. It isn't. It's in Collins Street, in the middle. We found this out by texting Lindsey. I've been there with her twice before, but paid no attention to where we were going! Wendy seemed quite impressed with it. Then she wandered off into the bookshop downstairs and The Builder and I walked back to the apartment block.

I was very glad to get back. My feet were getting rather sore. I wish I had a step meter though. I'd love to know how many steps I walked today!

It took *ages* to work out how to turn the television on AND get sound. We never did get it properly right, though we did manage a picture of sorts and sound. Ian has now come home and sorted it all out. We are planning to hit the brand new fish and chip shop down on the plaza - it opened on Friday of last week. An adventure. We have no idea what it's like.

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