Sunday, April 27, 2008

Late April

We came back from Japan and Australia to find that most of the seedlings in the propagating tent had died while we were away. The broccoli had survived. And for some reason th capsicum and one or two of the passionfruit seeds had actually germinated in the last couple of days. They must enjoy being warm and arid!

So I've bought some more tomato seeds and re-sowed them on the 24th. Three different types, two cherry tomatoes and one roma.

On the 25th, we planted out ten ariane asparagus crowns. We can't pick any spears for twelve months. Realistically, that means spring 2010, I think. We're preparing another trench for some autumn planting asparagus too. The sweet potato slips have finally arrived. I've put them into plant pots to root. I cant say they're looking very happy but fingers crossed they'll survive and can go into the greenhouse in three or so weeks.

Something is digging up the pea seedlings in the second pea bed :-( The Builder has put a little fence alongside them so they have something to grow up - and perhaps to dissuade the digger from digging! I am going to plant more peas on a bed on the allotment. I seem to have run out of room in the kitchen garden! And today I am hoping to plant some more broad bean seeds and some beetroot seeds.

On the allotment we have planted 60 red baron onions, 15 res sun shallots, 15 golden gourmet shallots and 60 stuttgarter white onions. I have many onion sets left, and no where to put them! I also have no room for the leek seeds. I'm going to sow them in a seed tray and think about where to put them.

There are two beds more or less ready for potatoes. I could do with another two, or perhaps even three!

I am also intending to plant soya seeds in seed pots today. I'm going to put them on the lounge room window sill. They need to be warm to germinate.

I don't know what to do about the Cape gooseberries. The seedlings died while we were away and we don't have any more seed. It's not available in the nurseries and it seems a bit excessive to buy it online - the package and postage costs more than the seed packet!! I might have a look on eBay!

This morning, I have planted in seed pots or seed trays:

Bean magic mix (6 different types of drying beans)
mammoth pot leeks and white giant leeks
soya beans (to be put on the front window sill)
pea beans (French, climbing)
queensland blue pumpkins
runner beans

In wooden boxes:

rainbow carrots
mesclun salad mix
a mix of parsnips, red radish (candeladi fuoco) and long white radish

In the garden:

Boro F1 and Monorubra beetroot
Bunyards Exhibition broad beans.

Haven't got to the allotment yet today. I think it might rain shortly
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