Saturday, November 10, 2007

Update on my MP4 player

They did lose it again, you know! The Builder and I called in on our way into Sheffield this morning. I presented my card. The man hunted. (At least there was more than one man this time). He hunted some more. He looked puzzled. Another man was hunting for another parcel for someone else. He was looking puzzled too. The man came back and asked me what I was expecting. I told him, and explained that I had called on Wednesday, the package was missing, then someone had rung the following day to say they had found it. Ooo, said the man. I wonder if he set it aside somewhere. Ambled off. And came back not only with my MP4 player, but with my birthday diary from Tony and Stella. I had wondered why the collection card had ticked both that the packae needed to be signed for and that it was too big to fit through the letter box. It was because there were TWO packets :-)
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