Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Greedy Builder (repentant)

The Builder came home early from work on Monday feeling poorly sick. He was all grey and gloomy and felt horrible. He even completely ignored the digestive biscuits I had made on Monday morning (this is seriously abnormal behaviour!!).

I went to work at Psalter Lane, came home at about half nine to find him looking much less grey but still not altogether in peak condition. Poured wine down his throat, and off to bed we went.

He woke up on Tuesday feeling ever so much better. So much so, that we went out for lunch. So much so that he chowed into a plate full of steak pie with chips and carrots and peas and stuff. And Gravy. All the gravy that came in a little jug with his pie. Every last drop. Now fair’s fair. It was his gravy. But he didn’t leave a drop, not a single drop for me to have with my chips. Not a drop. I love gravy on my chips :-( Had to have tomato sauce instead :-(

Back in July, I went with Lindsey and Ian into huckleberry Willow, a gift shop across from the Twisty Spire. It’s the sort of shop that seems to go on for ever. It’s the sort of shop I don’t go into all that often, for entering it tends to come expensive! Right at the back, they sell furniture. Amongst the bits and pieces was a beautiful, square oak table, extending when necessary to seat 6. It was gorgeous. A week or so later, I took The Builder in to admire it. He too thought it was beautiful, but we didn’t happen to have a spare small mortgage lying about so we left it. But if you’re going to take all of YOUR gravy and pour it all over YOUR chips and pie and leave absolutely none of it for poor Frannie’s chips - you must expect to pay!!!!! We went in to Huckleberry Willow to admire the table. And it HAD GORN!!!!!!!!! But it had been replaced by a bigger one, for a small mortgage plus £50. He has now bought it for me – er, I mean for the dining room. It’s coming tomorrow.

Now we just need some chairs! We do have chairs, but they emphatically will not go with a beautiful oak table. Ideally oak chairs would be best, though they are very expensive. Pine would do! And a dresser. I need a dresser. There is a built in one in the kitchen, but it is full. (What do you mean, I clearly have too much china?)

Now I want to decorate the dining room to make it beautiful enough for the table!
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