Thursday, November 22, 2007

The forthcoming weekend

This weekend coming is clearly meant by fate to be an amazing one (she says, severely tempting said Fate!)

Tabitha and Gareth are expecting visitors tomorrow for a couple of days of glee, gusto and gastronomy (and, I suspect, glugging!).

Austin and Kaori are off to Tokyo this very day for three days fun, frivolity and festivity, including a visit to Tokyo Disneyland.

Freyja is in Greensboro, North Carolina, with Julia, and a weekend of merry-making, mirth and mayhem is planned.

Lindsey and Ian are in Dunedin (though I gather their luggage is itself in Christchurch) for a weekend of whales, whimsy and whisky.

Stella and Tony are taking a late weekend next week and are off to Inverloch for a couple of days of beachcombing, barbecues and birding.

Frannie ‘n’ The Builder are off to Cambridge for two days cavorting, capering and carousing.

Poor Mark gets to stay at home, all on his own, all weekend, loitering, lamenting and lonely.

But the rest of us are leading exciting lives!!
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