Friday, April 28, 2017

What a Difference a Day Makes

The weather yesterday was absolutely glorious. The sun shone. The sky shimmered.  The ocean glistened. It was just beautiful.

We started the day with a walk along the beach towards New Brighton.  We didn't go that far, mind.  It's a little over 6 km by road from here to New Brighton. Not sure how far it is along the beach but it's definitely too far for a leisurely morning stroll.  Plus, of course, we would have to get back!

If you click on the photos, you can see them full size.

Morning walk:

We decided after the walk to head towards Mount Cavendish, about a 20 minute drive, and to go up to the summit in the gondola. We really enjoyed it.  The gondola ride is lots of fun. They have a brief history of the Canterbury District at the top. It's much like to ride in Jorvik, only considerably shorter. We enjoyed that too. We had magnificent plates of fish and chips in the restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the views over Lyttelton Harbour, the whole of Christchurch - and our little peninsula.  We could even see the New Brighton pier (though it was too small for me to get a photo of with my phone)

Gondola Experience:

It's a long way up!

Inside the Time Tunnel

Lunch time

All gone - Even ate the batter!!!

We are staying to the right of that far spit of land.

Looking down on the gondola ride

Lyttelton Harbour

The afternoon continued to be glorious. So after a cup of tea, we took an afternoon stroll around the Southshore Spit:

All in all very good day.

My frustration with the kitchen was resolved today too.  We were talking to the owners, who were away when we got here, and mentioned the single, small saucepan. Within moments another, larger one had been delivered - I suspect from their kitchen!  I bought a pair of oven gloves. I was tempted to leave them here, but they are packed ready to head back to Ballarat.  And I decided I could live without a dish rack. The dishes have been draining on a tea towel.  And, most unusually for holiday accommodation - the sharp knives are actually sharp!!

It's not as sunny today, and it is our last day here.  Our flight isn't until mid-evening and checkout isn't until quite late.  I think we might go for a final stroll along the beach and then head out for the afternoon.

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