Sunday, April 30, 2017

And we did go for a final wander along the beach and round the headland into the estuary.  Then we packed up, tidied up our little apartment, packed everything in the car and drove off around the estuary, over the bridge, through Ferrymead to Sumner, which is a beach we could see across the water from Southshore.

It's much more vibrant in Sumner than it is in New Brighton.  I suspect that it can't have been as affected by the earthquakes in 2011. Southshore lost its shops, pub, takeaway food shops in the quakes, along with houses and other facilities.  Not surprisingly, people drifted away. There are lots of shops, eateries, facilities in Sumner, along with lots of activities.  While we were there there were surfing classes happening,  a group of scouts having a picnic on the esplanade, lots of groups of people doing things.

Friday's lunchtime view

And Friday's fish and chips
Clock tower on the esplanade
We had a wander along the esplanade, then headed along the beach towards the estuary to look at "our" spit of land from the Other Side

It was much too early to head to the airport, so we decided to go for a drive.  We headed up a steep road out of town.  The road I had intended to head along at the top was closed to traffic, so I swung left.  This almost immediately appeared to be a mistake.  There was a car ahead of us, which disappeared from view.  The road, then, was obviously used.  However, it was a narrow road, single lane only, winding, hugging the cliffside - and with no barrier between us and the steep, deep drop on our left.  I am sure it was perfectly safe but we didn't know where the road was going and we didn't quite see what we would do if another car came towards us.  There didn't seem to be many passing places.  At a larger than usual passing place, I turned around and headed back.  We then had a beautiful drive along a slightly wider mountain road with glorious views.

We had no dramas getting back to Melbourne. The flight was uneventful.  The Aussies let Jim back in. Lindsey was waiting for us and drove us back to Mount Helen.  Jim and I have had a lovely, quiet weekend which has been almost entirely uneventful.  Lindsey and Ian went on a day flight to King Island today. I don't think that counts as uneventful :-D
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