Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time Passes

On the 24th of March last year I wrote a post entitled "Time Passes".  It was  my last working day at SHU. I didn't officially finish until March 31st, but with the Easter holiday and a couple of days off, it was the last day that I sat at my desk in the office. It was also the last day I went into the University as its employee. I've been in a couple of times since, but after March 31st.

In that post I said that the time between my leaving date being agreed and it actually arriving had passed very, very slowly.

I can't say that the time since then has passed slowly.  It's positively whizzed by.  It hardly seems possible that a whole year has passed by since that day.  It barely seems credible that we have been in Ballarat for seven months.

I expected to miss working at SHU. After all, I had been there for nearly 20 years.  But I haven't.  I've missed some of the people but I haven't missed working there at all.  A job was advertised recently which was almost exactly the same as my job at SHU.  I met every single one of the selection criteria. I thought about applying for it - and then decided that I really, really, REALLY didn't want to go back to working as an academic librarian and deleted all the information.  I like my little job at the surgery. The scanner never yells at me.  It doesn't ask me difficult questions. It doesn't not turn up for class. It doesn't turn up late for things.  It just sits there and scans.  And from time to time I get to go out and play on the Reception Desk, so I get to talk to real people.  I think I might just keep going in and doing the scanning for as long as there is scanning to do, and for as long as they want me to do it.
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