Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A good few days

We had really rather a nice weekend.

The sun shone all weekend.

Lindsey, Ian and I took Sam for a Saturday morning walk in the park in Buninyong.

Ian and Jim built a chook shed.

Lindsey and I hit Bunnings and the garden centre.

Lindsey, Jim and I took Sam for a Sunday morning walk along the wetlands bit of the lake.

Sam's tail got caught in the boot of the car and nobody noticed (even Sam) until he realised that he couldn't move it, which meant that he couldn't move his bum, which meant that he couldn't sit down properly in the back of the car. And Lindsey and I thought Jim was asking for Sam's towel (which we didn't have, and why would he need it?) until Sam started whimpering and we realised that Jim was saying we had caught Sam's tail. Fortunately Sam's tail wasn't hurt and he could sit down properly in the back of the car again.

Lindsey and Ian went to Melbourne to a barbecue.

Jim and I went to the Ballan Autumn Festival

There may have been some food and some wine.

The Ballan Autumn Festival was quite cute.  Jim was a bit disappointed that there wasn't much in the way of produce - he had assumed that it would be a Harvest Festival sort of fair. Really it was more like a proper village or small town fair, with rides for the children, music, food stalls, craft stalls, activities, all sorts of things going on. They had blocked off the main street for two blocks for the stalls and most of the shops were open.  I enjoyed it. We bought a few things. I was most pleased with a new vegetable peeler which has a normal peeler at one end and a julienne peeler on the other.  I hadn't realised how much I had missed my julienne peeler until I acquired this one and started using it!

I headed to Melbourne on Monday afternoon, leaving Sam and Jim in charge in Ballarat.  I met up with Lindsey and we pootled off to Kew where we bought lots of fruit, lots of salad things, lots of veg, and a few other things.  We took most of the fruit into the surgery on Tuesday and divided it up so there was some for me for my breakfast, some for Lindsey to snack on and a platter for the table in the staff kitchen.  The Diabetes Educator nurse was delighted when she came in and found the table filled with fruit instead of biscuits, cakes and chocolate!

I cam back to Mount Helen on Tuesday evening by tram, train and bus. It was actually quite a pleasant trip. I read an actual, proper book, then part of an e-book. I walked directly up the hill from the University without getting mislaid and avoiding the flooding on the concourse outside the University library - which a couple children were thoroughly enjoying playing in!  The only issue was that it took three and a half hours.  This wasn't a big issue for me yesterday but I wouldn't want to do it in both directions every day!!!

The sun isn't shining anymore.  The rain over the last 24 hours has filled the rain gauge completely.
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