Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mostly eating and playing with food

We seem to have done quite a lot of eating recently.  Plus, of course, I have been out at the Pot Luck Pantry.

I went last Thursday and got to be sous chef to your really, properly professional chef.  That was a really good experience.  I went in on Sunday for a few hours because they were very short and got to play sous chef to one of the founders.  That was an interesting experience too.  Today, alarmingly, I am the senior chef for the first couple of hours, until another of the founders comes in at midday!  I hope there are some useful ingredients waiting to be turned into lunch!!!

I must remember, too, to drop up to the Mac Repair shop near the Hallam Main Building after finishing at the Pot Luck Pantry today.  The Builder's (newish :-S ) tablet has been showing distinct signs that its screen isn't happy, plus his laptop is absolutely positively on its last legs.  So I took the tablet in for medical assistance, and I took my old laptop in for refurbishment.  They should be waiting for me to collect them this afternoon.

Monday was Tabitha's birthday so we trundled in to Sheffield for dinner at Swanky Frank's.  It was a good evening

Cally and her magnificent chocolate milkshake

I think Flynn rather fancies it!

Yesterday was our increasingly regular Wednesday trip into Chesterfield. I had a number of errands to run and then we were meeting Tabitha and Flynn for lunch.  The errands took much less time than we had anticipated, and it was raining, so pottering around the shops didn't really appeal.  So we called into the library - and found a coffee shop!  Coffee and toasted teacakes, sat inside while watching the rain through the window was a very delightful way and wiling away an hour or so.  It did mean that we weren't absolutely hungry at lunchtime though!

There still isn't much movement on the whole selling of the house front.  We had a conversation with our estate agent yesterday and have decided to put it up for auction at the beginning of August.  Obviously, if any of you (or anyone else for that matter) decides you want to buy it before then we can sell it to you.  But a national auction house might draw more attention to our beautiful house than we are getting at the moment

Mostly, last week, I was working on this:

I've just started on the Level 3 course now.  Might as well get the certificates as well as the experience - just in case I ever want to work in a cafe :-)

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