Saturday, June 04, 2016

A busy few days

The Builder and I ambled into Chesterfield on Thursday and headed to Strada to see what, if anything, they are doing about the selling of our house.  Normally we go in and harass them on Wednesdays, but we were meeting Tabitha, Cally and Flynn at lunchtime on Thursday and figured we could combine the two activities.  One of the estate agents has arranged to come on Monday morning to take some new, summery photos of the house. We had a lengthy conversation about why the house might not be generating much interest. I came away a bit less tetchy. But only a bit :-D

In the meantime, Tabitha, Cally and Flynn had arrived and had taken themselves to Queen's Park to wait for us to escape from the clutches of Strada.  When we got there, they were waiting patiently for me to join Tabitha and Cally on the little train that was running around the park

It isn't really a steam engine.  I think it is powered by fossil fuel
The Builder got to wait with Flynn who was sleeping peacefully in his pram.  But Cally, Tabitha and I had a lovely ride

Then we went off to play

Concentrating hard

A Sand Fairy

I don't know.  Every time I go for a lovely nap, I wake up somewhere else!

We had lunch in the Rutland, by the church

Then we ambled over to the museum, where they were doing demonstrations of spinning, ragging and French knitting. Cally had a spinning lesson, and she learnt the art of French knitting, plus how to make rag rugs and how to weave little mats.  We have brought some samples home with us so we can practise with her.  If we can remember how today of it :-D

It was a good day.  We enjoyed it a lot.

Yesterday we went to the Food Bank again.  There were even fewer volunteers than there had been last week.  And lots and lots and lots of clients.  It was Very Busy Indeed and we were quite tired when we got back home.  It was good, though.  We enjoy it a lot.  It's good to be doing useful things, of course, and the people who volunteer there are all friendly folks who are pleased to meet new people.

And now I must away.  I am off into Sheffield to help with the final burst of painting at the Pot Luck Pantry.  They've been renovating it for a couple of weeks and it needs one more coat of paint before the decorations, furniture and fittings can go in.  The Builder was going to come too but he has come down with a rather unpleasant cold.  He is going to stay at home to rest and recuperate - so I have pinched his painting t-shirt :-)

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