Monday, April 25, 2016

Not Going to Work

... has some advantages.

It means that you can wander into town on the bus on a Friday morning with your husband, meet your daughter and grandson, and have a potter around the shops and the market.  You can drop into the library, spend your birthday gift vouchers in M&S, amble about.  You can go to the new burger bar for lunch and even have a glass of wine.  Nothing pressing needs to be done; you can do what you want when you want.

It means that you can have friends around for Sunday lunch and prepare asparagus with fried eggs on toast, followed by fish and chips (with sea bass, prawns, squid and scallops, home made chips, and a fennel, cucumber and orange salad) followed by chocolate and ginger mousse with various types of home made fruit jams to accompany it and there is plenty of time to get everything done. You can have lots of wine because you don't need to get up particularly early the next day. And you can leave ALL the dishes untouched because there is plenty of time to do them in the morning.

You can potter around until mid-morning in your pyjamas and have toast with vegemite and a cup of tea at morning tea time.

You can do nothing at all, if you are minded.

There are some disadvantages, though.

Like there is no further money coming in, so you should probably be being much more frugal than you have been lately.  All this shopping and lunching and spending is not good for the long term budget.

There is no real incentive to get anything in particular done by a particular time, so often nothing in particular gets done at all.  After all - it doesn't really matter; there is plenty of time to do things tomorrow.

There is no real need to be up and dressed by a set time - so you are still in your pyjamas, eating toast and vegemite at half past ten in the morning, which might not matter if this was a public holiday (which it is in Australia). But it isn't here and it might seem to be just a little slatternly to be lolling about in your night wear in the middle of a weekday. Imagine if an unexpected visitor had dropped by!

There is a weekly routine in place - it's just that I am happily ignoring it :-D

Must Do Better!

There are some advantages to having the house on the market and ready for inspection, even if nobody seems to want to inspect it.  It might be tedious having to keep it clean and tidy at all times, but it did mean that when I got up (bright and early) yesterday morning and thought: "Bea and Steve are coming to lunch, what do I need to do this morning?", all I needed to do was prepare food.  The house was already visitor ready!!!

Flynn doesn't care about any of that
Sleeping, eating and lazing about are fine activities in his view

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