Saturday, April 16, 2016

Going Home

We had our last breakfast at Tiffyhall - looking out the window at a sudden snow storm!

Fortunately, by the time we left to head in to Kirkwall, the snow had stopped and the sun had come out.  We went in to town and filled the car, then headed back to the airport - where I managed to get into the wrong place and ended up trying to drive around the taxi area.  This, naturally, was quite difficult as I don't have any of the required passes to open the gates :-D  It is very fortunate that Kirkwall is a very tiny airport and someone came out to sort me out!

It takes approximately three minutes to get through security at Kirkwall.  It took the bloke ahead of us a bit longer.  He has metal kneecaps and made all the security alarms Very Excited Indeed.

Then we flew to a wet and windy Edinburgh.

It had crossed my mind on Thursday evening that we were not actually obliged to go to the Premier Inn allegedly out by the airport.  I could cancel the booking without penalty any time up to an hour before we were due to arrive.  So I did.  And booked us into another Premier Inn actually in Edinburgh itself.  It was about £10 more expensive than the original booking, although I suspect it wouldn't have been if I had booked it back in January when I booked everything else.

There is an airport bus which costs £4.50 per person and which stops a two minute walk from the new hotel.  The new hotel is not in the middle of an industrial estate (although there is a construction site next door), nor are there any car sales yards nearby.  There are, instead, lots of pubs and cafes and tea rooms.  We went to Milk for lunch. We did not go out for a wander around (it was still wet and windy) but we could have, had we wanted to.  A much better option all round.

We are heading back to Chesterfield on the lunchtime train. And thus will end our Orkney Adventures, which we have very much enjoyed.  You should go.  I'll come with you

Fortunately we could wait until the snow stopped to pack the car

A brightly coloured tiny plane

Taking off into the sunshine

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