Thursday, October 15, 2015

And time continues to wizz past

... not helped by my cold getting heavier and more unpleasant as the weekend progressed and this week commenced.  I have to say that this is a particularly tenacious virus.  It's been going on for two weeks now and proving to be very reluctant to go away!  In the end I took Monday and Tuesday off work in the hope that sitting in the lounge room with a cat on my knee and drinking tea would encourage the virus to give up and leave.  But it didn't, not really.

Things continue to be busy at work.  Lots of classes to take.  Lots of preparation to do.  The days look a bit daunting at 08:00, but it has to be said that they go past very quickly.  Next week is looking very daunting indeed.  But I have no doubt that it will get around to next Friday afternoon and we will all wonder where the week went.

The poor old house is in a considerable state of disarray.  The Builder has embarked on the decorating of the spare bedroom (where the bed still has the contents of the wardrobes and bookcase draped inelegantly over the top of it).  We had been planning to paint the  floorboards in all the rooms but the state of the floor in the spare room was such that we gave that up as a bad idea.  And we have no reason to suppose that the floors will be any better in any of the other rooms.  I have sourced a supply of cheap, hardy, neutral-coloured carpet which we will buy and get someone to put down for us when all the painting is finished.  The fireplace fitters are coming tomorrow. And someone is coming on Saturday to look at our chimney and give us a quote for re-rendering it.  We had the render removed a year or two ago because it was coming away from the chimney and we didn't want to take out the postman.  The bloke who did that dropped by yesterday and asked if we were intending to have it re-done.  We were, but hadn't got around to it.  Now we have! Or at least, we've got around to having someone look at it. He also wants to paint the side of the house, and it is absolutely true that it could do with freshening up.  But it isn't in the budget so won't be done any time soon.

We do now have a functioning driveway

This is how the drive looked in January after we had had the kerb dropped

Full of rubble and rubbish and stuff

Now all the rubbish has gone and the bins have moved to a newly concreted area by the garden door
It's much easier to get the car in and out now

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