Monday, October 19, 2015

A VERY Expensive Weekend

18 months or so ago, our lounge room wall looked like this

Then we knocked the mantelpiece down and took down the green tiles and it looked like this

On Friday some men came to visit and relieved us of lots and lots of money. Now it looks like this

It is very beautiful.  And very warm!  Once it gets up and running, it throws out a great deal of heat! It's going to be very cosy indeed when/if it snows.

Marlo is a bit bewildered by it all

But I suspect he will come to love it as winter sets properly in.

On Saturday two different men came and re-rendered the chimney - and relieved us of even more money. There will be very little frivolling for the rest of this month!!

It's interesting, though.  The decorating we've been doing and the new fireplace and various other bits and pieces we've been dabbling with are slowly changing the character of the house.  It's moving from  country cottage to urban town house.  The lounge chairs are beginning to feel slightly out of place!  (We're emphatically not buying new furniture. Not this week, at least!!)
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