Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Builder has been busy

We've got a skip coming on Monday

We're going to put all the bricks from the drive in it

And this sad looking shed with its contents

It needs to be fully dismantled by Monday morning

And The Builder needed to take advantage of a long dry spell

He's been busy inside as well

And this morning we destroyed the spare bedroom

The wardrobes, chest of drawers and bookcase are all off to a loving new home

It was more difficult than we expected moving the wardrobes out the way

And The Builder wasn't pleased to find a complete lack of skirting boards behind them

The furniture is being picked up on Monday.  And the skip may well find it gets lots of stuff added from the haul we got from emptying all the wardrobes and the bookcase.  The charity shop might get some stuff as well!

We should maybe have thought about moving all the furniture from the upstairs front bedroom BEFORE The Builder decorated the stair well!
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