Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I had a fairly quiet week last week.  Nothing of any great note happened. It was largely uneventful.

It was a fairly uneventful weekend too. We did a bit of shopping, a bit of pottering, a bit of not very much.  The Builder watched the Grand Prix.  I peeled the last of the eating apples and mixed them with some Bramleys to make an apple crumble.  There are, I am happy to report, no more eating apples to consider.  There is, however, a tree full of Bramleys waiting for attention :S.

The sun shone and the wind blew lightly. I did do several loads of washing, but I didn't do any of the garden digging I had intended to do. I've ordered some more hellebores and some jonquil bulbs, plus I am intending to take advantage of the supermarket's offer of lots of daffodil bulbs for not very much money and I need to get the beds ready for them.  There may be time this coming weekend.  I hope!

And while we were busy doing not very much over the weekend, the students at Sheffield Hallam and the University of Sheffield came back for the start of the new academic year. It's Enrolment and Freshers' week. The pace of life at work is picking up. Lots of inductions this week and next. A positive flood of workshops throughout October.

And tonight the new year of Japanese classes starts.  I have done more over the summer than I generally do. I've been listening to podcasts and looking at study books and more or less keeping my hand in.  But I haven't done all the things I was intending to do.  I haven't nailed katakana as I had hoped. And I haven't kept up with my grammar, nor learned the vocabulary that I had set aside.  Ah well.  There's always this term :-S  A New Year's resolution at the start of autumn!
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