Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring has Sprung

The weather on Monday and Tuesday was absolutely glorious in our little corner of the world.  So much so that I put on a short sleeved shirt yesterday!  We spent the afternoons sitting on our patio in the sunshine, minus our jumpers!

We did get out and about a bit. We had to take Marlo to the vet yesterday. Not only had he run out of his arthritis medication but he has also acquired an abscess under his chin which has made it very hard for him to eat.  We are not sure whether he has been fighting with another cat, or perhaps a country rat.  We found a dead rat in the flower bed yesterday which might have been the culprit.  But it doesn't really matter where the injury came from, something needed to be done about it.  So that relieved my bank account of a nice wodge of money!

We've been into town and had lunch in a pub. We've pottered about and visited the allotment. We have done a tiny bit of tidying and clearing. But no further painting of the kitchen. The Builder will get on with that on days when the weather isn't good for gardening.

And now I am heading back to work after nine days off (if you include the weekends). I even remembered to turn all the Get-Up-And-Go-To-Work alarms back on.  Not that I needed them. The blackbirds start singing from about 4:00 and wake me up!

Click on the primroses to look at Spring in our garden

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