Friday, April 10, 2015

Birthday Feasting

It was The Builder's birthday yesterday.

We had intended to go to an Italian themed evening at The Nettle on Wednesday evening in celebration.  Bea and Steve intended to come with us.

Alas, the Italian themed evening had to be postponed. So Bea and Steve came to our place and we had an Italian themed evening of our own.  I left work a little early so I could prepare, and we had seafood pizza for a starter, with lasagne and various salads for our main course.  I departed from the Italian theme for dessert and we had chocolate sponge with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream instead.  It was a birthday celebration.  You almost have to have cake!

The Builder and I went to The Nettle for dinner last night instead.  They often have tasty fish dishes on the specials board on Thursdays. And they didn't disappoint.  The Builder had what looked like a fantastic cod with prawn risotto for his main course.  I had sea bass with a prawn and vegetable stir fry.  And there was a plate of chips on the side for us to share.  Fish and chips, Nettle style :-)

The weather remains glorious. Temperatures in the high teens and sunny and fairly still.  Alas, it is forecast to get cooler, windier and wetter over the weekend. I do so want to get my flower beds properly dug over!

The Nettle, on a spring evening

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