Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It was a dark and stormy night

And wasn't it just! The wind started at around 1am and woke me up. Then the wind started howling and I had to get up at about 2 and pull the windows shut. Then the rain started and the wind picked up. The Builder has gone deaf in his left ear and slept through all of that, only waking at 3 when he had turned over and could hear the whooshing and roaring. Marlo just ignored it all - until the bedroom door started banging. ( I had pulled the bedroom window closed but not actually shut it and the wind had pulled it open again). It was definitely a disturbed night. It's still very blustery and wet. I am glad I am warm and cosy in bed with a cup of tea and not rushing about getting ready to go to work.

Tuesday morning, Tupton

We are off to Salisbury later today. I hope the wind has dropped by then!

Tuesday evening, Salisbury
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