Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Report

They were having trouble finding people to staff Bishops' House at the weekend so The Builder and I thought that we might go in on Saturday morning.  We were heading into Sheffield anyway and it was no great effort to go in a few hours earlier than planned.  And we were quite busy. Some of the local schools are doing projects on the Tudors so children came in with their parents to have a look at our Tudor building.

Then we went to Waitrose, where we ran across Tabitha. So we collected her up and went to her place, where we ran across Gareth and Cally. Then we all went out to Chatsworth to raid the Butchers' counter in the farm shop. Then we went back to our place and drank wine and ate tacos and generally pottered about.

Cally stood on the chook food bin so she can see over the fence and watch the trains

Taffa and The Builder deep in conversation

Gaz and Cally watching the trains

Cally running like the wind, and all a-blur

Sitting outside in the unexpected sunshine

Dinner waiting to be eaten
We all got up and nice early on Sunday morning and had bacon and eggs for breakfast.  We talked to Grandma Stella and Grandpa Tony on Skype.  We also talked to Lindsey and Ian and Lovely Lucy. And then we spoke to Austin and Kaori and Baby Tatsuki, and Cally showed how she can say hello and goodbye in Japanese, and how she can count to four (in Japanese - she can count all the way to twenty in English).

Then Cally rode her new bike into Clay Cross. And Gaz and Taffa and I walked into Clay Cross. And The Builder drove into Clay Cross and picked us all up.  I think that Taffa, Gaz and I could have easily managed to walk home again, but I don't think Cally would have managed to ride her bike back and certainly wouldn't have walked back.  And The Builder couldn't have walked at all - his foot is all bruised from when he fell over last weekend and it hurts when he walks. We sat outside in the sunshine and rank more wine and The Builder watched the Grand Prix (inside). Then we had slow roasted shoulder of lamb with roast potatoes and roast pumpkin and loadsa veg from the garden.  And Taffa, Gaz and Cally went home on the bus and the train and the bus. And The Builder and I stayed at our place.

Marlo enjoying the sunshine (and the lack of small children rushing around!!)

Look at the colour of that sky! (You may admire the grapes as well, if you like)

But this is what the sky looked like when I got up this morning

It's the start of the academic term today. Let the chaos that is First Term commence :-S

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