Monday, September 09, 2013

Mostly doing not very much

I was on holiday last week. A bit of a breather before the students come back at the end of the month and bedlam one again ensues.  And mostly we did very little.

We had lovely weather and sat outside a bit.

We ate and drank and quietly made merry.

We did not go for any of the walks we had intended to go on.  Nor did I deep clean the house or weed the garden.

We did have a meter man come and replace our duel rate electricity meter with a single rate one in the hope that this might finally and for ever fix our Twisted Meter Readings saga which has been going on for three years or so now. This particular chapter has been going on since January and has taken out several members of the Complaints Escalation team. I've had a new advisor every couple of months. But now there is a new meter and someone is, apparently, sorting out my electricity account.

We had to make a quick dash to the vet when Gyoza suddenly, abruptly and with absolutely no warning at all went lame and could barely move.  I would not ordinarily bother taking a chicken to the vet. But she's only 22 weeks old so it seemed fair.  And if she had broken her leg then we needed to do something. But at £23 for a two minute consultation I have informed the entire flock that in future I will remember that it is considerably cheaper to buy a new chicken (or duck) and not bother.  Gyoza came back from the vet suddenly able to trot around with no trouble at all :-S

We went to Salisbury overnight mid-week and had absolutely delicious fish and chips with Jeanette, Matthew, Rebecca and Evie in their new and very delightful house.  We had a not very inspiring breakfast in the Swan in Stoford (a pity, that - we wanted to like it and it was cold, not very good quality and quite salty). We took Gwen to Lymington and had a very inspiring lunch at The Ship by the harbour on a very beautiful day indeed.  And then returned Gwen home via the hospital where she had an eye appointment.

We went to Bishops' House on Saturday morning for our stint as door keepers and then went to Tabitha, Gareth and Cally's place for a Sunday lunch on a Saturday. And we had Sunday lunch on a Sunday at our place.

So lots of food, you will observe.  Lots of wine. Lots of sitting about, not doing anything very much. Lots and lots of sunshine. Quite a bit of staying in bed late and lazing around.  And now back at work, more or less ready for the autumn term.

And autumn is here with us.  It was dark when I got up this morning. I have put the lamp in the dining room back on its timer. And it was cool and misty and quite beautiful when we left at 7:15 for the station.
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