Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poo, Bum, Bugger!!!

I have just wandered in the direction of our upright freezer - and found the door ajar ;-(  The last time I remember going anywhere near the freezer was on Monday when I forced myself to joint the chicken we had bought at Chatsworth on Sunday and put the pieces in the freezer.  I can't recall having been in it since. And the thorough state of defrostedness of everything that was in the freezer would suggest that the door has, in fact, been open for several days.

I have had to throw pretty much everything away.  I have not thrown away the chicken, or the mince meat or the pork steaks that we bought on Sunday.  Instead, I have made up a massive pot of bolognaise sauce with the mince and have roasted the pork steaks and chicken pieces. We are, I think, going to be eating a huge amount of fleshy protein over the next few days ;-(

And I still don't have much of an appetite so strictly speaking it will be The Builder who will be eating huge amounts of fleshy protein.

Oh. And the freezer appears to be dead.  After I had finished clearing it out and throwing away vast amounts of stews and stocks and stuff, I dried it out and turned it all back on, making sure the door was properly shut.  And nothing ;-(  I think the strain on the motor as it valiantly tried to keep things frozen in the face of an open door did for it. The motor is humming at all any more.

Oh well.  I'm not buying a new freezer.  We'll just have to manage with the chest freezer for now.

(Lindsey says that it is just as well I was home sick so I could deal with all the meat.  Except that I think if I hadn't been sick, I would have noticed very quickly that the door wasn't shut and have closed it. It's unusual for me not to go into the freezer a couple of times a day.)
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