Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So the weekend started off beautifully and peacefully.  Extra-peaceful, in fact, because we had had around 10 to 15 cm of snow overnight.  Now this might not sound very much, but it was soft and fluffy snow, lying in an abandoned manner all over the roads.  Between us and Grassmoor is a hill which is quite steep and also slightly winding.  Unless you were in a four wheel drive, chances are you weren't going up the hill.  And in fact, many cars were struggling mightily just to get along Queen Victoria Road, which isn't particularly hilly.

None of this would really have exercised my mind much except that I had a 9:00 hair appointment in Grassmoor.  Our car is not a four wheel drive and I really didn't fancy trying to get it up the hill.  Nothing for it then but to rug up warm and set off on foot. Which is what I did.  And do you know - it's a lovely walk. The hill is nothing like as steep as it seems when you are driving up it.  And in the snow it was peaceful and beautiful.  I amused myself watching the few cars that were out and about struggling up the hill and decided that in future I would walk to my hair appointments rather than driving the car.

We also decided that we wouldn't venture out to Chatsworth, as had been the plan, but would wait until Sunday when with luck the forecast rain would have washed away the bulk of the snow.

So Saturday trundled its way past and I retired to bed in a hale, hearty and healthy manner - only to wake up at about 2:30 on Sunday morning with painful legs, knees, buttocks, back, and throat and quite an interesting temperature ;-(  This was not good.  It also was not good that I didn't go back to sleep again. I just lay there feeling Not Terribly Well.

I didn't feel terribly well when we went out to Chatsworth.

I also didn't feel terribly well when we went, as arranged, to The Nettle for Sunday lunch.  It was a terrible waste of a rather nice butternut squash and stilton soup, and plate of roast with all the trimmings.

The great excitement of the arrival of a new washing machine on Monday morning was seriously eclipsed by the discovery of panadol, strepsils and cough mixture lurking in the bathroom cupboard.  They are all a couple of years past their use by date - but I don't care.  I'm going to use them anyway!

I *still* don't feel very well, and now I have a cough that would do Mimi proud in her final moments.  I haven't been to work this week - and it doesn't look as though I am going to get to work this week. I can barely get up out of my chair :-S  I don't actually remember the last time I had a whole week off work sick; it's rare enough for me to take even odd days off.  But it serves me right for an excess of hubris. It was only last week that I mentioned to a colleague that I hardly ever take time off sick. He did caution me against complacency - and reminded me that the last time he made such a rash comment he was then off sick for several weeks with a particularly nasty chest infection!!

Anyone want a nice cough?  I have a lovely one that needs a good home :-D
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