Monday, October 08, 2012


It's been quite quiet lately.  Disconcertingly so at work.  It's the beginning of October so also the beginning of the academic year.  I would expect to be really quite seriously busy.  But no.  My diary for last week was remarkably quiet.  My diary for this week is likewise quiet.  I would be worrying that I had forgotten to put something in - but so far no one has rung asking why I am not where they were expecting me to be so I assume all is well!

It wasn't such a quiet weekend though.  We were at Bishops' House on Saturday morning. Not that it was frantically busy there - we had no visitors at all for the first hour and only around 8 between 11 and 1.  But it did mean that we had to be up relatively early and get moving on Saturday morning.  I have to say that it was a glorious morning for being at Bishops' House.  The sun shone and it was pleasantly warm and the air was beautifully clear.  There were some spectacular views over Sheffield.  Ross and Cally came to say hello and stayed for a cup of coffee. Then they went off to play on the swings, the afternoon volunteers arrived to take over, and The Builder and I moseyed on home.

Sunday I really did have to get up and get moving.  I was booked to speak to Stella and Tony at half past seven then at quarter past eight I left to come into work for the Unviersity Open Day.  A little band of us had volunteered to come in and show visitors around the Adsetts Centre.  I must admit that what had seemed a good idea when I had volunteered seemed much less so when I left home in the early morning sunshine yesterday.  But the GWT is only 8 weeks away and if the University is minded to pay me at double time for working six hours on a Sunday, then work for six hours on a Sunday I will!  There are two more Open Days coming up.  One on Saturday in a fortnight, and one on Sunday in four weeks.  I shall be working them as well! Actually, I quite enjoyed it.  Sheffield was shining in the sunshine, the visitors were all happy and cheerful and it was nice to show people around our building.  I wiswh I had had a pedometer though. I'm sure I walked several days worth of steps in the course of my six hours!

Otherwise there isn't much to report.  Life is trundling quietly along.  Which is good, of course.  Even if a bit disconcerting in October.

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