Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The first sowings of broad beans and peas are now up. This coming weekend I intend to put in a third sowing. The Builder has been digging up the next two beds ready for ongoing sowing. I've bought extra supplies of seed so there should be plenty.

The various bean seeds have now germinated, except for the soya beans which have done nothing. I'll have another go, and then buy a new packet. I don't think soya seeds last long! I've potted on 17 beans plants. They've moved from the greenhouse to the propagating tent. And I am not going to put them on the allotment until the second May bank holiday weekend, at the very earliest (and it won't be that weekend anyway; we're away - and anyway - there isn't a bed dug for them yet!!). The lettuce seedlings are now at a point where I can start thinning them and eat the thinnings. I'm not sure they're ever going to get big enough to heart though. We may just eat the thinnings!!! Also, I've put into seed trays: Roma and cherry tomatoes and capsicums; courgettes, ghostrider pumpkins, jack be little pumpkins and sunflowers; celery; romanesco seeds. The last lot of romanesco all germinated beautifully, started to grow and then all abruptly died. Don't know why. The radish seedlings appear to be doing a similar thing!

The tulips are starting to flower. The fruit trees are in blossom, so are all the shrubs and canes. The grape vines are in bud but not yet in flower or leaf. And the kiwifruit is back in leaf - it tried about a month ago then was hit by a hard frost, even though it is in the greenhouse!

And the days are starting to be warm and sunny. The nights remain cold and occasionally frosty.

So far - so good!
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