Sunday, December 30, 2007

Post Christmas Relaxation

We went up to the Post Office on Friday to post (late!) all the calendars. Well, all the calendars except Austin’s which isn’t ready yet. It crossed my mind as we ambled up that that was the first time I had left the premises since we got back from the airport last Sunday! I hadn’t really got out into the garden much. I had fed the rabbits and the birds and gone as far as the shed once. Apart from that I have been more or less confined to the house! So we walked all the way around the block to celebrate my sudden freedom! And then went down to inspect the orchard and kitchen garden. Marlo was stunned!

Tabitha wasn’t able to get replacement tickets for the train so she’d swapped her shift at work and gone with Gaz to his mother’s place on Thursday evening and they both came back to our place on Friday evening for stew and mashed potato and to collect the rabbits. The stew was made with a rich, glorious stock which I made with the left over Boxing Day vegetables and potatoes plus the rib that was on the rib of beef. That, and loads and loads of vegetables and some chive dumplings. Thus fortified, they and the rabbits made their way through torrential rain and howling gales back to Cambridge. The Builder and I stayed warm and snug inside. We’ve been playing scrabble and doing jigsaws and watching films – yes films! We’ve watched Mrs Henderson presents and The history boys and Hogfather (though I need to watch that again – I missed most of it) and others as well which now escape me. It’s been very peaceful and relaxing. I haven’t finished my jigsaw yet though. It’s only got 500 pieces but it’s quite complicated and I can’t give it my full attention alas.

We had to go out on Saturday, however. There are things to do. We trundled off to Chesterfield to hit the bank (we are out of money. The Builder has had to cash in his ISA – which had rather more money in it than we had expected. Always a pleasant surprise!). We went to the market and to the organic shop and hunted in vain for somewhere to buy cartridges for the printer and bought cat food and tried to keep out of the wind. At least it wasn’t raining. Well, not until we got back in the car to make our way to Leeds, when the rain came back.

I had tried to update Jenny the Sat Nav on Friday afternoon and it all came to a crashing, unpleasant end when the system stalled half way thtough :-( I had to reinstall her application software :-( Fortunately, she wasn’t actually broken but she’s lost some of her fancier bits – such as mooing when The Builder goes over the speed limit and bugling when he goes over 75! Happily, however, she is still working. Just as well because we were off to visit Clarissa and Mike in their new house and I had absolutely no idea how to get there. That bit of Leeds is largely made up of small housing estates which differ from each other but once you get into one all the houses and streets look the same. Jenny didn't care about that. She knew that Carr Manor Drive is not the same as Carr Manor View or Road or Gardens or whatever and took us straight there.

It’s a nice, light and airy house. They are having their garden made over but there seems to be very little to do to the house itself. They have two kittens, Casper and Crocus (I keep wanting to call her Clover for some reason). Casper was rather taken with The Builder. It was good to see Mike looking so well. And Clarissa, of course, but she hasn’t been very seriously poorly sick this last year. They seem settled and happy in Leeds. We had a nice cup of tea and some cake and a good chat. Then we came back through the rain. I hate navigating around Leeds. It’s a lot better with Jenny but even so it can be trialsome. The signing is very peculiar. However, we did escape. Eventually. And got home where I managed to find Jenny’s moo and bugle again.

And now we are going out again! Only as far as the supermarket it must be said, but out is out. Marlo won’t be impressed. He is draped around my shoulders as we speak, sound asleep. It’s Sunday. It doesn’t feel like Sunday. It feels like a Saturday. Come to think of it, most days since I finished work on the 22nd have felt quite a lot like Saturday. Apart from the feasting days which did feel like Sundays. Though they were not. Odd!

We've clearly moved into proper holiday mode. Didn't wake up this morning until well past 8. Usually we're up and moving at the latest by half six, even at weekends. Might push it to 7 on actual holidays. Even The Builder was asleep this morning. He didn't get up until after 9!!!! Wednesday is going to come as a bit of a shock!!

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