Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jersey dinner update

Dinner last evening was fantastic!

We had intended to eat at the Cock and Barrel which has good reviews in my Jersey Good Food guide. But they only do lunches. They recommended Dix Neuf, and gave us directions to find it which failed completely. So we fetched up in an unprepossessing looking bistro where we were warmly welcomed, tucked into a cosy corner and given olives and pretzels to amuse us while we perused the menu.

I had a filo cup filled with sea bass, scallops and prawns in a very very light curry sauce for a starter. I normally avoid curry things because chilli and my mouth really are not good friends. I don't think there was any chilli in this sauce. all you could taste was seafood and many delicate spices. It really was delicious. Then I had lobster in a garlic sauce. There was rather too much of the sauce but the lobster was absolutely magnificent. Magnificent, I tell you. The Builder had asparagus in hollandaise sauce to start and tournedos of beef on a horseradish rosti for main. He also had a mini Christmas pudding (I ate his fruit!). I grant you that the bill was about twice as much as on Monday night (though the lobster accounted for a good bit of that) but the difference in attitude, ambience, quality, cuisine and experience was immeasurable. And in any case, in the hotel restaurant we had one course, one course only and wouldn't have considered for one moment ordering anything else. I have no idea what the bistro's name was!!!

We have woken up to another beautiful sunny day. We are about to go out and test the breakfast. Wish us luck (They can't really do anything to ruin a packet of cornflakes, can they?)

Breakfast update: It was All Right. A buffet with a huge choice of things from cereals and fruits and yoghurts and the makings of a very full English indeed. And fish and kippers which I didn't see until too late. TOmorrow!
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