Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday morning

So. Off we trundled to Dronfield to find the jeweller’s with the Nomination “E”. It was made more complicated by me asking Jenny the Sat Nav to take us to Church Street, Unstone (next village along), but we got there in the end. Once I realised what I had done! Really must make an effort to go and explore Dronfield properly. I didn’t realise The Forge complex was there, and there are other shops and nooks and crannies which might bear exploration. The Forge certainly will, and we didn’t have time for more than a cursory glance. We do, however, now have an “E”. There wasn’t one in Chesterfield where we bought the bracelet. They didn’t have one in Sheffield. Nor did they have one in the stockist in Nottingham when I rang them. I can only assume they have them in Dronfield because nobody knows the stockist is there!!!!

We trundled down to Whiteley in a pleasant sort of a manner. Well, it was pleasant enough for me – I slept for quite a lot of it. I do seem to be quite exceptionally tired at the moment. Anyway, we arrived at Jeanette and Matthew’s in time for afternoon tea. They seemed pleased to see us. Evie is a sweet baby. Very sweet – she was asleep for the whole time we were there. Sleeping babies are absolutely ideal! Rebecca appeared to like the “secrets” box we bought to celebrate her new found status as a Big Sister. Jeanette and Matt seemed to like Evie’s bracelet. Evie expressed no opinion on the matter. Then we relocated to Salisbury.

We’re staying in the Bridge Farm B&B, where we do like to stay, when we can, when visiting Salisbury. We went for dinner at the Old Mill, where I had just the most amazing lobster bisque. And The Builder and I shared a swan dessert – profiteroles in the shape of swans filled with cream and swimming on a pond of melted dark chocolate sauce. Was magnificent. Absolutely gorgeous. My profiteroles tend to be a bit on the rustic side. Not at all sure I could shape them into swans! And I’ve no idea how he made the curved necks and heads.

We ambled back to Bridge Farm, poured a glass of wine. I got into my froggie jammies, sat on the bed ready to watch telly and drink my wine. And promptly went to sleep. Woke at 2, briefly, then slept soundly until Norma knocked on the door with our breakfast tea at 7. Said I was tired!

We’ve just had a lovely breakfast and are preparing ourselves to visit the farm shop (which opens at 10) then to wander into town (which also opens at 10 on a Sunday) and then to visit The Builder’s parents. Must find out if they’re up to joining us for lunch. We have a table booked at the Yew Tree in the next village along from theirs. If they can’t join us we’ll just have to go on our own and visit them after lunch.

We're driving a hire car at the moment. The VIxen has gone in to have the inadequate repairs which were effected after the Snow Event last winter put right. They do seem to be very inefficient. Quite apart from the fact that they didn't fix it properly in the first place, we dropped The Vixen in last week, arriving at spot on 8:00 - to find that the courtesy car they were providing for us had gone home with one of the staff the night before. He wandered grumpily in at just after half past eight and responded to the receptionist's remonstrations that he didn't have to start till then if he didn't want to. No consideration that now The Builder and I were late for work! I don't know what the state of play with The Vixen is at the moment - but I hope she comes back soon. The Fiesta is all right, but it's a thirsty car and it doesn't have much oomph.

Right. Must get ready for the day.

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