Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Builder and his phones

So what do you reckon it is with The Builder and his mobile phones?

His Chocolate phone broke last week. Its battery went all over deddibones and the phone had to be sent away to be repaired. He bought a cheap pay as you go phone and transferred the sim card across. So far so good.

His Chocolate phone came back from the repairer, all as good as new. He sold it to a work colleague. The cheap, pay as you go phone was bearing up quite well to the rigours of life with a construction worker.

Last evening, we went into Sheffield on the train to go to dinner with someone who has been working as a placement student with us for the past 12 months, and as a temporary hardware installer for the past two. He has now reverted to student status and a group of us went to Flying Pizza to send him on his way. Was a good evening. On the way home on the train, The Builder took a phone call from his mother. She is not sure if they can join us for lunch on Sunday as his father is not feeling too good. No worries. We’ll see how they are on Sunday and plan accordingly.

We took a taxi home from the station, got in, had a glass of wine and went to bed. Excellent evening.

We were preparing to head down south this morning, when The Builder announced that he didn’t know where his phone was. He thought he might have left it in the taxi. Gloom. If I book a taxi, we always use the same company, but this was one we had picked up in the rank at the station. I had no idea which company it was. Bugger. Not only is he £30 down for a new basic phone, but he’s lost the sim card with all his numbers on it. Bums!

Oh well. No point fretting. Cancel the sim card and carry on. I’m looking for an “E” to add to the nomination click on charm bracelet we’ve bought for Evie. There aren’t many stockists in the UK (It’s an Italian company) and none in Portsmouth or Salisbury. There is, however, one in an Artisan and craft complex I didn’t know existed in Dronfield. But I’m not going all that way unless they actually have an “E”. I the meantime, The Builder was collecting beans and courgettes and things to give to his parents and to Jeanette and Matthew. He was on his way to the allotment in search of tomatoes when he stopped by the side of the road and started fossicking in the gutter. Went out to investigate. And lo 0 there was a few bits of his phone. Including the sim card! No sign of the actual operational bit of it though. Strange. Anyway, at least we have the sim card. It’s been reactivated! Now we just need a phone to put it in.

We were at Helen Gill’s wedding party last weekend. It was in the Maynard Arms in Grindleford. Taffa and Gaz came up for the party. Freyja and Mark came too. It was lovely – we got to do the partying without actually having to sit through the wedding and reception! Jane and Ruth were there. Was good to catch up with them. It was good to catch up with Andy too. WE used to have quite an extensive email conversation going. Then he changed his address and I lost it :( James and Rosie were there. SO were Nicky and Jo (Ruth’s children) who I talk to on Facebook but otherwise haven’t had any contact with since they were little. Nicky is a second year medical student now. Jo is doing the last year of her A levels. James and his girlfriend live in Edinburgh. Rosie and her (Spanish) boyfriend live in Geneva. Was a good evening and excellent to catch up with people.

Taff and Gaz came for a late lunch/early dinner on Sunday. Roast beef, veg from the garden and allotment, wine for everyone except Gaz who was driving them back to Cambridge.

So an excellent weekend. Can’t think why I didn’t blog it at the time!

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