Saturday, July 21, 2007

A trip to Leeds

I was in Leeds yesterday for a training session on the new interface for digital mapping which is rolling out in September. I managed to get a seat on the somewhat over crowded train by dint of abandoning my manners and pushing in in front! The two other folks from (the University of ) Sheffield were not so lucky (or perhaps so brazen!)

I've never been to Leeds before. At least, not as somewhere to stop. I've been round it several times on my way to York or Edinburgh or wherever. On one notable occasion I drove into it, absolutely inadvertently, and found it almost impossible to get out again. I've been to the hospital. But that hardly counts as going to Leeds - all I saw was the hospital. In my mind, Leeds was grim and grimy and scary. And it isn't; not a bit of it. It more or less reminds me of the bits of Melbourne down towards Spencer Street, where the banks and wotnots are, but without the trees. And the sun was shining, the buildings have all been cleaned, and it was a very pleasant walk to the University. Lots of lovely Victorian architecture. And the University campus is lovely too. A proper campus. Nice and integrated.

Had a bit of trouble finding the senior common room where we were assembling for coffee, mind! Found it eventually, more or less by accident.

We had lunch later in the senior common room. No trouble finding it when lunch was in the offing (and by then I knew where it was!) I had smoked haddock lasagne. It was magnificent.

The course was quite good too. There was someone there who had been at the three day course I went to in Edinburgh last year. I enjoyed the content. We got to play with putting mapping information into a GIS in the afternoon. Fun.

Then I came home. The Builder reported that it was Very Wet indeed in Sheffield. Wasn't wet in Leeds. Or at any point until close to Sheffield. Got home. Wasn't wet there either. In fact, the washing was quite dry. Am beginning to think it must be Sheffield!

Lindsey and Ian were in London frivolling at Billy Elliot. Due back late on Thursday evening.

Clarissa had myseriously vanished to Cornwall for a fortnight so wasn't in Leeds when I was about. Coincidence, do you think?
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