Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The garden seems to have survived the downpours of the past fortnight. The broad beans looked a bit the worse for wear, but we've put sticks around their beds and twined string around so they've got something to lean on! I've planted cabbage, cauli, broccoli and sprout seedlings amongst the broad beans in the hope that the pigeons might miss them. The surplus I've planted in other beds and netted them. The *big* downside of all this rain has been that the slugs are a positive army, rampaging across the kitchen garden. I have, though, found some organic slug pellets which are friendly to animals and birds but not friendly to slugs (I don't think they are particularly attractive to snails, though). So far, so good.

The sweet potato has finally broken through the surface in the greenhouse! And The Builder spent a merry time yesterday pricking out side shoots in the tomatoes, which are growing profusely. The tomatoes out in the open aren't growing quite so fast, though the cherry tomatoes are doing fine. My Cape Gooseberries and yellow capsicums are almost big enough now to plant out in the greenhouse - though they'll need some sort of slug protection too. The slugs took no time at all to find a way in when there was good reason to!

We are starting to eat the potatoes. The first earlies are virtually ready. The Lady Balfour (second earlies) are delicious, but are a bit small yet. We have almost finished the cherries and the raspberries in the garden. The peas and broad beans are fantastic! Also, the carrots (growing in a box) are big enough now to thin and eat. They are very sweet.

I've sown more carrot seeds in two separate boxes, more lettuce in the salad box and more beetroot in the pea bed.

Everything seems to be enjoying the sunshine. Including Marlo!

Oh. And I've noticed (belatedly!) that the plan has been lying to us. There is one less garden bed than I put in. Not to mention a volcano I forgot to put in. Here's the amendment

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