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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Weekend report

Lindsey and I were working on Saturday morning. By arrangement this time. A regular shift.

It was strangely quiet. Lindsey's list filled up nicely but pathology was VERY quiet. It was the pathology lady's first shift with us and she had been warned that it would be frantically busy. She was slightly bewildered by the lack of victims!

We went to Freyja and Simon's place for lunch after work. They had made us a leek and cannellini bean casserole with lots of green things on the side. It was very delicious.

We went to La Manna after lunch. I have lots of delicious vegetables in my fridge. I don't keep whole vegetables in the fridge, normally. But I have found I am much more likely to eat them if I cut them up all at once, and then I keep them in bowls in the fridge. And then, of course, I eat them all together and run out half way through the week 😂

It was cold, wet, windy and miserable on Sunday. So Lindsey, Stella and I drove out to Blampied and had lunch in the Swiss Mountain Hotel. It was a lovely drive out. The pub was warm and welcoming with a wood fire burning. The food was delicious and plentiful. We had a lovely time.

Warm and cosy in the pub

I popped up to Rupert and Hugo's place on Monday, late morning. They were very pleased to see me. They were even more pleased to see my chicken salad - although that was my lunch rather than theirs! I dropped by Stella's place after lunch. She was in her room. Jim was not in his. The facility had a men's choir singing in the dining room. I think that, apart from a very small number of residents, pretty much everyone was in the dining room listening and singing along! 

Rupert and Hugo, hoping for chicken:

So a good weekend. Plenty of lovely food and good company.

Sunday's lunch:

My steak sandwich

Stella's slow cooked duck

And Lindsey got the very last serve of
a lamb parpadelle dish

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