Tuesday, August 08, 2017

A weekend in Sydney

It came as something of a shock, when Jeanette and I tried to organise a weekend for us to go and visit, and we realised that they and we have been in Australia for almost 12 months and we still hadn't managed to see each other!!

Time, as you will be aware, does vanish at an indecent rate. Jeanette, Matt, Rebecca and Evie have had visits from Matt's parents and from Jeanette's mother and her husband.  Evie plays soccer on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They have other commitments, other things to do.  We've been busy as well.  Life happens.  But even so!

So we compared our calendars and I booked flights and off we went.

And it was a splendid weekend.  We flew up on Friday evening and came back yesterday evening.  The sun shone pretty much all weekend.

Here is their backyard:

Despite the lovely weather, we didn't use the pool.
It was a tiny bit on the cool side for outdoor swimming

We went to watch Evie play soccer on Saturday morning and went to the skills session on Sunday morning.

Evie and Matt are to the left of the picture

We had lunch and a mooch around in their local shopping centre.

What to choose ...

... oh what to choose?
(some delicious pork and fennel sausages, lamb and Middle Eastern spiced sausages,
duck breast, amongst other things!)

We went to Manly for Sunday lunch.



Jim and Jeanette

I couldn't decide between the watermelon and raspberry juice or a glass of wine
- so I had both :-D

Didn't take me long to choose the flathead and chips, though

Thanks to Matt for the photo of us all

And thanks to Jeanette for this lovely snap

Matt cooked us a wonderful barbecue for Saturday evening.

Jeanette made a splendid slow cooked casserole for Sunday dinner.

No photos of the barbecue or casserole.  We had eaten them before I thought about it :-)

Bayleigh seriously hated Jim when we first arrived but loved him to bits by the time we left.

We took her to the park for a walk on Monday morning.

Jim in the park

Bayleigh and me (photo by Jeanette)

It was all good.  I hope that they enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed visiting them.

We probably shouldn't leave it 12 months before we go and visit again!!!

We got back to Mount Helen just before 9:30 yesterday evening.  Rupert was snoozing in his cage.  Sam was snoozing in his basket.  They were both very pleased to see us.  Rupert was almost entirely  wag when he realised it was us :-P

I've just been out and gathered in the veg for tonight's dinner:

The huge green cauliflower is hiding the stalks of sprouting broccoli 

Oh.  I almost forgot.  I've lost my Japanese study folder.  ;-(  I took it to Sydney with me and actually did do some writing practice and some vocab revision.  I also had the boarding passes in it.  When we were waiting for our checkin to open on our way home so we could put our suitcase through - I had checked in for the return flight when I checked in for the outward flight on Friday, which was quite exciting. I've never been able to do that before.  Anyway.  I digress.  As we were waiting I said to Jim that I must be careful not to lose the folder, partly because it had the boarding passes in it, but mostly because it had some of my study material and my study notebook.  Check in opened.  We dropped the luggage in.  We went through security.  We went to the bar and ordered dips, chips, bread and wine.  And it was then that I realised that I didn't have my folder ;-(  I think I left it at the check in counter.  I had to have had it then to take out the boarding passes.  And I'm fairly sure I didn't have it when we went through security.  Fortunately, I had saved the files from my online Japanese classes on my laptop so they weren't lost for ever.  I have lost a couple of vocab sheets but that isn't a catastrophe.  I have plenty of writing practice sheets, so also not a worry.  And today when we were in Ballarat I went to Typo and got not one, not two but THREE new notebooks (3 for the price of two) so I have lots of opportunity for Japanese study notebooking.  Just have to  find another folder and then make sure I don't lose this lot.
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