Monday, July 10, 2017

So.  Stella moved from her hospital ward to the rehab ward at Beleura.  I was a bit surprised - she still didn't seem all that well to me. But then I am a librarian and not a doctor or nurse and I'm sure they all knew what they were doing.  We were all prepared for her to leave the rehab unit and come home, when her cardiologist dropped in to see her.  I knew she didn't look all that well!  He had her moved pretty quickly into the cardiology ward at the Peninsula Private hospital in Frankston.

She's only been there a few days and is now very much improved.  She's due out tomorrow morning.  I have come down ready to pick her up tomorrow and then to take both Tony and Stella back to Mount Helen for a few days staying with us, Lindsey and Ian and Sam. We can feed and water them and make sure they're both properly back on their feet before returning them to Mount Martha. Lindsey is arranging various services to be put in place so that they can live at home comfortably and easily once they're fit enough.

Of course, they may not want to return home. As well as Jim, Lindsey, Ian, Sam and me, they now have this to play with at Mount Helen

Meet Rupert, who is ten weeks old and arrived on Saturday.  Sam was a bit surprised by his arrival but seems relatively OK with him.  Except today Rupert bounced at Sam so Sam bounced back - and squashed him!!  Apart from that, though, all is good
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