Sunday, June 18, 2017

We started the shortened working week on Tuesday, with celebrations for Tabitha's 40th birthday.  Seems odd that my eldest child should have turned 40!  I think she will probably be perpetually 35 in my head.

I went to work on Tuesday and Wednesday (the scanning box isn't really getting much emptier but nor is it filling up any more) then Jim and I hitched a ride with Ian back up to Ballarat, where we pottered around on Thursday until making our way back down to Mount Martha late in the afternoon. We got there just after the security gates had shut.  Luckily, Ant and Jess were down there. Ant was about to take Tony to the shops (Tony has escaped from the hospital for now) so they were able to buzz us in as they went past.

On Friday I took Tony and Stella to their appointment with the specialist, while Jim stayed in the house to keep the cleaner company.  The news from the specialist wasn't particularly good news, but also wasn't surprising. Results from earlier tests and scans had suggested that all was not as it might be.  He has to have a few more tests and then decisions will be made about any treatment.  He's looking quite a bit better than he was before he went into hospital, and eating more than he was. He's also going to have regular physio sessions to keep him active.

Jim and I headed back to Melbourne after lunch on Saturday.  We had intended to go back to Ballarat but I had arranged to go in to work this morning for a couple of hours of gentle scanning and it seemed ridiculous to head all the way to Ballarat on Saturday afternoon just to turn round early on Sunday morning and head back again. So we are staying in the flat for the next few days.  Lindsey brought some clothes down for us (she was also working this morning) and I think we'll stay here now until Wednesday afternoon. Then things get complicated again what with various people heading to America, Canada, Far North Queensland and various other places.  All things are, of course, subject to change without notice but for now most of the week ahead looks reasonably calm and orderly.
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