Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Unexpected Weekend Adventuring

We came back from Salisbury last Wednesday in a fairly orderly manner.  The trains ran, more or less, to time. The seat reservations worked. The journey was uneventful and quite pleasant.  We got home at about the time we had expected.  Marlo was quite pleased to see us, but not overly delighted - he was snoozing in the sunshine on my weeding kneeler and couldn't see any real reason to move just because we had decided to come back home :-D

I expected the rest of the week to run according to the normal plan.  Pot Luck Pantry on the Thursday (tick).  Food Bank on the Friday (tick). Then I expected to potter around on the Saturday and to head out to make Sunday Lunch at the PLP.  I turned down an invitation for us to join Richard at Bolsover Castle on Sunday afternoon because I would be at the PLP.

Then Tabitha  suggested that they should all come over on Saturday afternoon and stay over. Not many more opportunities for sleepovers at The Sidings.  Then the Pot Luck Pantry decided to close on the Sunday because it would be cooking for a fund raising event at one of the local pubs and we have neither the personnel nor the oven space to cook both for a fund raising event and for a Sunday service.

Saturday morning found Tabitha, Cally and me at a wedding, quite early.  Tabitha and Cally were snuggled under a doona on their couch.  I was snuggled in bed with a cup of tea.  We were all watching Ant and Jess's wedding, which was being streamed from Melbourne. Modern technology  is a wonderful thing. Cally was quite excited to see people that she knew.  "Look!  There's Auntie Lindsey.  Oh, and Uncle Ian. And there's Grandpa Tony.  But who's that with Grandpa Tony?  Grandma Stella?  That's not Grandma Stella; her hair is all wrong!"  She was a bit embarrassed when we told Grandma Stella all about that on Sunday morning. :-D

Late on Sunday morning we all took advantage of the glorious weather and took ourselves to the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet for a heritage day.  Sorry Richard for heading to Abbeydale instead of Bolsover - although we didn't have tickets for the event you were going to.  Abbeydale was looking splendid in the sunshine

Then Tabitha, Gareth, Cally and Flynn went to play with the little trains in the Abbeydale Woods, and The Builder and I came back home for a pleasant afternoon in the sunshine.

This week is also not going to follow the usual, orderly pattern.  The Pot Luck Pantry is catering for the crew of the Tramlines Music Festival this week, so the cafe is closed and we are extra, extra busy. I am doing all day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in the kitchen, while other people will be taking the food and serving it to the hungry crew on site.  It feels a bit like an episode of Masterchef!  Fortunately, I don't think any of us will be sent home never to be seen again after the event.  At least, I hope not.

In the meantime, Flynn has learned how to sit up all on his own:

Cally could already sit up:

Watching the Paddington movie on my iPad

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