Monday, August 03, 2015

Cromford Steam Rally

All the fun of the fair!

We had every intention of going to Hady Hill yesterday and playing with the miniature trains at their open day.  We organised it with Tabitha, Gareth and Cally ages ago. Then last weekend, as we were making our way to the Tramway museum, we saw signs indicating that the Cromford Steam Rally was also on this weekend, in those fields just over there.

A dilemma!  We haven't been to the Cromford Steam Rally for years.  We hoped to go in 2009 - Lindsey and Ian had booked their flights to England so that they could come with us.  Alas, it had to be cancelled because it was underwater. We've been to other steam rallies and country fairs with steam things since but I don't think we've been to Cromford since then.  We like the steam rallies.  So we abandoned the tiny trains, Tabitha, Gareth and Cally abandoned them too and we all made our way to the Cromford Steam Rally yesterday morning.  (It's not actually held in Cromford; it's in Brackenfield, which is nearer to Alfreton.  Either way, it's no great distance from our place.)

And we had a fabulous time.  The cloudy, rather dismal morning cleared to a bright, sunny and warm afternoon.  There were little steam engines and big ones.  There were hurdy gurdies. There were funfair rides and a little train.  There were dogs on leads absolutely everywhere.  There was a Punch and Judy show, and a clown.  There were the obligatory junk stalls and trade stalls.  There were food stalls and a beer tent.  All the sorts of things that you might expect at a steam rally, or even a country fair.  Cally was fascinated by the Punch and Judy show (talking toys, don't you know!) and she loves tractors and cars and trains.

Then Gareth drove us all back to our place and they stayed for a little while enjoying the sunshine. And then they went home and The Builder and I went back inside and had roast chicken with the usual accompaniments to supplement the fish and chips we had had at lunchtime.

It was a pity to miss the little trains at Hady, but I am very glad we went to the steam rally.  It was an excellent addition to what had been a lovely weekend.

Click on Cally and Gaz to get to my photo album (photo courtesy Tabitha)

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