Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Report

We pottered out to Marsh Green quite early on Saturday morning. They have recently installed a new fish counter. I've seen photos on Facebook and I was keen to have a look.  Alas, they haven't been overwhelmed by fishy sales and had decided not to get any in this week.  I'm told they will be getting some for next weekend but that wasn't particularly helpful for the seafood platter I had in mind for Sunday.

But never mind.  We picked up a few bits and pieces and ambled off into town.  I wanted to go to the coach station to ask about bus tickets.  The Builder wanted to go to M&S to exchange a gift token he was in possession of for a new pair of trousers.  And while we were there we strolled around the market and the market hall.  There's a fish counter in the market hall.  I got my fish from there.  We'll go back out to Marsh Green on Saturday and have a look at the fish selection.

I needed to have some documents certified and had arranged with our friend Ginger Rich to come and do the certifying in exchange for lunch on Sunday.  And we had tempura salmon and tempura prawns; breaded hake and breaded calamari; griddled scallops and a bowl of small prawns.  With all that we had chips and salad, followed by a lemon slice (a new recipe which was astonishingly sweet when it was finished.  I will make it again but with vastly less sugar!!) with frozen lemon yoghurt and blueberries.  It was all very delicious.  Although I think that Rich hadn't quite believed me when I said I had an Everest of certifying for him to do :-D

Half of our seafood platter - we've had one helping from it already
Otherwise it was a pleasantly quiet weekend. Nothing too strenuous. Nothing too exciting.  Food and wine and good company.

Right.  I'm off out for lunch.  Today I am lunching with my colleague Bea and my former colleague Roger.  Roger and his wife have just come back from a visit to Australia and he is planning to tell Bea and me all about it.  We're heading to the Blue Moon Cafe. Coincidentally appropriate - unbeknownst to us when we arranged this, today is the start of National Vegetarian Week.

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