Sunday, December 28, 2014

One of the downsides of having such an exciting time, what with trips to Salisbury, Christmas festivities and every thing else, is that all the usual routines get thrown out of kilter.  So this morning I went to do some of the usual Sunday things and found that I couldn't change the bed sheets as I usually do, because the one from last week hadn't been washed yet.  Likewise my pyjamas. The ironing hasn't been done.  So many things that have a regular pattern have been left undone.  I shall have to do better this coming week.  Although I am still on holiday from work so things may well continue to slide :-)

We made an attempt to go for a walk late this morning. It's a glorious morning and it seemed terribly wasteful to spend it sitting inside. However, the snow had slightly melted yesterday and then refrozen into icy sheets overnight so walking on it was not very easy and quite treacherous.  The Builder nearly went over twice. So we walked to the village shop and back - and the not quite 1 km took half an hour!!

Phil from next door but one went to Sheffield on Christmas Day, intending to return on Boxing Day evening.  He has only just got back now and is proving to be very useful - he had the good idea of ambling up the road to the council grit bin and is now scattering grit all over the road and shovelling the snow away.  Phil says that the main roads are quite clear - if you can get to them.  We are hopeful that our planned trip to Sheffield for Joan's birthday luncheon may still go ahead tomorrow.

Our garden at dawn this morning

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